INST 205

Syllabus   Women & Gender Studies Program

Take-Home Assignments

  1. Project 5.5 Cultural Messages about Gender Roles: An Analysis of Children’s Media
  2. Project 11.3 Body Image: How Satisfied are Men and Women with Their Bodies?
  3. Project 7.1 Occupational Segregation in the Workplace
  4. Project 10.2 Balancing Multiple Roles

Review Sheets by Section

Instructions: Please print these review sheets and bring them to class according to the syllabus. You will notice that the sections are not in chronological order. The order of each section is determined by readings from the section covered in class. Do not forget to print these review sheets out so that you can have them in hand the day that the readings from that section are covered in class.

  1. Section One
  2. Section Two
  3. Section Three
  4. Section Four
  5. Section Five
  6. Section Six
  7. Section Seven
  8. Section Eight
  9. Section Nine
  10. Section Ten
  11. Section Eleven
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