Jim Ross
  • Sociology/Anthropology
  • Title V Computer Competency
Phone 661-654-2384
Email jross@csub.edu

Schedule Fall 2007 [EDIT 9/04/07]

I will not be on campus on a daily basis.  I will keep times I expect to be on campus posted here.

Soc 120 Critical Thinking:
Section 1 CRN 42831 08:00AM-9:25AM DDH 101E MWF
Section 2 CRN 42832 08:00AM-10:20AM (with 10 min break at 9:00 )DDH 103G TR

Office hours:
To guarentee my availability you must sign up 1 day in advance on the sign up sheet on my office door
--check this before making a trip--
MW 9:30-10:30
TR 10:30-11:30