Books What is Information Competence*
Edit 10/01/04 ADA Information Competency  Glossary)

A California State university Information Competence Task Force has defined a set of core information competences.

In order to be able to find, evaluate, use, communicate, and appreciate information in all its various formats, students must be able to demonstrate the following skills:

  1. Formulate and state a research question, problem, or issue not only within the conceptual framework of a discipline, but also in a manner in which others can readily understand and cooperatively engage in the search
  2. Determine the information requirements for a research question, problem, or issue in order to formulate a search strategy that will use a variety of resources.
  3. locate and retrieve relavant information, in all its various formats, using, when approprate, technological tools.
  4. Organize information in  a manner that permits analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and understanding.
  5. Create and communicate information effectively using various media
  6. Understand the ethical, legal, and socio-political issues surronding information.
  7. Understand the techniques, points of view, and practices employed in the presentation of information from all sources.

* This specification was provided by the CSUB TLC 1/01