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I was graduated from Pusan National University ( with a B.S.W. degree in 1989. My internship was focused on child welfare areas. 

Pusan National University 


After graduation from PNU, I came to the U.S. and entered the School of Social Work, West Virginia University (  I received a M.S.W. degree from the school in 1991. Below are some pictures of the WVU.

West Virginia University campus 1 West Virginia University campus 2 West Virginia University campus 3


In 2000, I entered the doctoral program at the College of Social Work, University of South Carolina ( after working in a social work agency for more than 10 years. I received a doctoral degree in May 2003. Below are pictures of Social Work building, Game Cock (mascot of USC football team), and the campus.

DeSaussure College Game Cock, mascot of USC football team USC Map


From 1991 to 2000 I worked in the Korean Welfare Foundation (, which is one of the largest social work agencies in Korea.  I've been working with children and their families ever since I started my career as a social worker.  My major practice areas are child abuse, foster care, and program evaluation.

My research focuses on cross-cultural context in the areas of children and families and acculturation process among immigrant families. The title of the most recent study is "Acculturation Stress and Social Support among Korean and Indian Immigrants Adolescents in the US. It was published in the Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare in June, 2006 (



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