The California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB)

Guidelines for the Faculty Excellence Showcase


1)    Purpose & Guidelines

a)    The CSUB Faculty Excellence Showcase (site) highlights the academic scholarship, creative work, research, presentations, grants, and achievements of CSUB faculty (i.e. faculty’s work outside direct teaching responsibilities and University committee service).

b)    Submitting posts to the site is voluntary.

c)    The site and contents are unrelated to retention, tenure, and promotion (RTP) processes. Faculty or administrators shall not use the site as an evaluative tool for RPT files or reviews.

2)    Posting Criteria

All posted items must meet the following criteria.

a)    The work must be academically or professionally related to the faculty member’s field or related field of study.

b)    The work must be completed, published, presented, or officially announced as stated in the Type of Work category definitions.

c)    While not required for submission, postings must be verifiable or documented by publisher pages, database abstracts, library catalogs, media/news reports, the CSUB web site, association or professional conference web sites and programs, official campus announcements, or Department Chair or Dean recommendations.

3)    Submission and Publishing Process

a)    When a faculty member submits an announcement, CSUB faculty involved in the work, their Department Chair(s), and their Dean(s) or designee(s) will receive an email copy of the submission.

b)    All submissions are reviewed by the Dean’s Office prior to being published. Within seven days of receipt, the Dean or designee must review and either publish or delay the posting. If no action is taken by the Dean’s Office within that time, the submission is automatically posted to the web site on the eighth day.

c)    If the Dean or designee questions the appropriateness of the submission, the posting may be delayed. Steps should be taken to resolve the matter by working with the faculty member; asking for revisions, requesting more information, or suggesting another venue for the material. The Dean (or Deans if there are different schools involved) has final approval as to whether a submission is posted.

4)    Policies, Laws, and Restrictions

a)    Showcase submissions and postings made by CSUB faculty, administrators, and staff must be in compliance with all CSU and CSUB policies,  California and U.S. laws and regulations, including but not limited to those related to academic honesty, privacy, copyright, content, electronic information distribution, and  the “Responsibilities of Faculty”  (Faculty Handbook, Appendix F).

b)    This site is covered by the CSUB Website General Disclaimer and all other CSUB Information Technology Services Support policies and disclaimers.

c)    Submissions or postings can be rejected or removed from the site by the Dean or his/her designee if the information is found to be fraudulent, plagiarized, or misrepresented.

d)    Work outside the scope of the site will not be posted. Examples include descriptions of:


Such efforts listed above, resulting from or leading to a grant, publication or presentation in an academic or peer-reviewed setting will be posted.


    Reviewed by CSUB Dean’s Council and the Department Chairs Leadership Council 3/16/11