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Jess F. Deegan II
Professor of Psychology

B.A., California State College, Bakersfield, 1987
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, 1994

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CSUB Psychology


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Academic Year 2015-2016
Office: DDH D113
(the Cave)
Phone: (661) 654-2380
Fax: (661) 654-6955
Office Hours
Dr. Deegan is in the process of retiring and as such is not schedule to teach courses. Thus, he will meet with you by happenstance or appointment only. His official last day as a faculty member at CSUB is Oct. 19, 2015. If you need to contact him, please e-mail or phone .
Previous Offerings

Psyc 250 sec. 1 & 2 (F14)

Psyc 290 sec. 3 (W 15)

Psyc 300B sec. 3 (S15)

Psyc 303L sec. 1/2 (S14)

Psyc 377 sec. 4 (S14)

Psyc 477 sec. 1 (S14)

Psyc 490 sec. 3 (S15)
Favorite Quote

"If humans exist on earth for a purpose, it is likely to be for scientific research. It is the one urge that is exclusively human and distinctive of the race." Source: Cinna Lomnitz, in Fundamentals of Earthquake Predictions (Wiley)
Usual Classes
Professional & Research Interests

Color Vision, Comparative Visual Processes, Neuropsychology (Biopsychology or Psychophysiology, etc.), Research Methodology, Synesthesia
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