Slavery and Empire, 1441 - 1770 
Web Tracker on Slavery in the Americas 
  • Museum of Slavery in the Atlantic

  • The museum is designed to provide accurate, engaging and provocative information to the public about the history of slavery in the Atlantic. The website currently provides an overall introduction and an interesting discussion of how historians have estimated the number of Africans enslaved.
  • African Americans in Early America

  • Colonial Williamsburg presents a collection of summaries and biographies about African American slaves in the 18th century. Also of interest is Dunmore's Proclamation attempting to free slaves who remained loyal to Britain at the outset of the Revolution.
  • Early American Slavery

  • Portions of Chapters 1 & 2 of Norman Coombs' book "The Black Experience in America" (1972) provides a frank and critical interpretion of events. (None of the weblinks in the book are available to visitors, so don't click on them!)
  • Slave Voices

  • Duke University Library's exhibit probes the life experiences of American slaves from the late eighteenth century through the nineteenth century. Check out "Forced Migration" and "Plantation America" for eighteenth century documents.
  • Growth of Slavery in America

  • Microsoft Encarta Home's on-line summary of the origins of slavery.
  • Origins of slavery & the Underground Railroad

  • A quick summary of the early decades of slavery, provided by the National Park Service.
  • Gullah people of South Carolina

  • How African slaves came to inhabit the islands off the South Carolina coast and become known as the Gullah people. Check for "Gullah" in the search engine at the bottom of the page for samples of the Gullah language and other information.
  • Slave Ship "Desire" of Marblehead

  • Reputedly the first slaver ship built in America.
  • What is Rum?

  • A description of the key beverage carried by Yankee traders in the eighteenth century.