Race and Ethnicity 
Web Exercises 
1. Hate groups abound in the United States, spreading their ethnocentric and racist views with equal parts of self-righteousness and angry venom. Visit the 'Hate Watch' website and select a hate group to investigate. Click on the link for the group you selected and read everything you can about this group.

Hate Watch

Which hate group did you select? Summarize this group's ideology. Which religion or ethnic groups are the object of specific contempt for this group? Why? What sociological factors account for people becoming part of such groups? What do you think these people feel towards themselves? Why?

2. While hate groups exist throughout the U.S. there are, fortunately, several organizations that are actively working to combat hatred and build communities of trust and mutual acceptance. Visit ONE of the racism resource centers below and examine the programs and resources that are available:

Artists Against Racism

Beyond Prejudice Resouce Page

Healing Racism

Crosspoint Anti-Racism Resources

You should join together with several friends and, using the resources available from the website you selected, work to make a difference on your college campus. Oultine a plan for improving ethnic/religious relations on your college campus. Be sure to identify key campus officials you will need to enlist as allies when initiating your program for improved relations. Explain what needs to be done to improve relations at your college and how it should be done.

3. Below are three very different, but outstanding, views of a unique ethnic heritage. Each of these cultures has made an impact on U.S. society. The first site is for the Native American, Seminole Tribe of Florida. The second is a cultural portrait of the African nation of Sierra Leone. The third is a WebMagazine on Hispanic culture. Visit ONE of these sites:

Seminole Tribe Tribune

Sierra Leone

Hispanic Magazine

Which website did you select? What did you learn about the way of life of these people? Is this a culture that you could adapt to? What impressed you the most ? in both a good and bad sense ? about this culture? Why?