Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity 
Web Destinations on Race & Ethnicity 
These web sites have been chosen to provide you with data on the inequalities of race and ethnicity.


Census Bureau Population Projections This section of the Census Bureau incorporates race and ethnicity variables in the population data. Using this web site, you may discover what percentage of the United States population will be white, black, Hispanic, and Asian in the period 1996-2000. It also contains projections for the period 2000-1005.


Census Bureau Hispanic Population This web site contains Census Bureau data on the Hispanic population of the United States. With it, you can understand the diversity among the Hispanic ethnic groups in terms of family income, poverty, educational attainment, and occupation.


Census Bureau African-American Population This site contains similar data for the African-American population of the United States. After browsing the web sites listed above, you can begin to make conclusions about the economic situations of African Americans and the different Hispanic groups in the United States.


Japanese American Internment Camps Your text gives a brief description of the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. This destination takes you to a web site that contains very interesting pictures, maps, and descriptions of the camps that were located throughout the Western United States and Canada.


U.S. Title 25 Indian Legislation This final destination takes you to the web site containing the legislation of U.S. Title 25, pertaining to the protection of Native Americans. Browse this site to learn about federal policy regarding irrigation of allotted lands, promotion of Native American social and economic welfare, and Native American health care.

Inequalities of Race and Ethnicity

Destinations to explore regarding race and ethnicity on the internet.

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  • Negro Leagues Baseball Online Archives
  • Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary
  • Hate Groups On-line
  • White Power
  • Genocide
  • International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
  • Nazi Genocide of the Jews, 1933-1945
  • L.A. Riots, a Special Report - The L.A. Times