Africa: Early History to 1000 C.E. 
Web Tracker on African Studies 
These links will give you some idea of the wealth of resources available on the Internet for the study of world history. As you visit these sites, pay special attention to how they differ from one another and from the textbook. In some cases, the wealth of detail provided on specific topics will force you to reevaluate some of the general ideas you have begun to develop.
  • African Studies WWW (U. Penn)

  • This is a good starting point for learning about Africa on the Internet. It contains links to a very wide range of materials dealing with the African past and present.


  • H-AFRICA Home Page

  • This is the website for the Humanities Net discussion list on Africa, which brings together experts on Africa from around the world. It includes archives of discussions, book reviews, and links to other materials on the Internet.


  • The Rediscovery of Ancient Nubia

  • This is the on-line version of a brochure prepared for an exhibit at the University of Chicago in 1992. It provides some good general background information on ancient Nubia, some excellent images, including a map of the area, and a brief bibliography.


  • Connections: A Culturally Historical Perspective of West Africa

  • This site provides a good deal of basic information on the cultures of ancient West Africa and the slave trade and its impact on the region. It also provides links to other sites.


  • The Baobab Project

  • This rich site from Harvard provides a wealth of general information about Africa, many useful images, ethnographic data, and more! Highly recommended.