in defense of affirmative action
Feature Interview:
Students Launch Campaign to Restore Affirmative Action in California
Interview with Andrea Guerrero
Using the Internet / The significance of the Houston vote 

Feature Interview:
In Motion Magazine interview with Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
Affirmative Action, Wall St., and the IMF 

Feature Article:
Affirmative Action Works!
by Paul Kivel

Feature Commentary:
Affirmative Action: An Anachronism in Higher Education? - by Jose J. Soto

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Columnist Paul Rockwell 's extensive series of articles: 
including "White Guys for Affirmative Action."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Three articles about Dr. King, including his forgotten speech on peace.

Scroll down for full list of articles:


Also by Dr. Pedro Noguera - 4 indepth analyses of high school education, including the pros and cons of African American-only schools, violence prevention, other. - Click to see articles listed in side-column window)


This portion of this column by In Motion Magazine columnist Paul Rockwell.

Paul Rockwell's writings on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This portion of this column is by University of California students
involved in the UC Student Association.


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