US-Philippine War and aftermath

US-Philippine War and aftermath

a photograh

Photo. Philippine Governor General William Howard

Taft, dressed as Doge of Venice, and family. (1904).

a painting

Cartoon. Uncle Sam in drag as Uncle Tom's Cabin

character collars Philippine rebel leader Aguinaldo

represented as African pickaninny. (1902).

a photograph

Philippine Governor General William Howard Taft seated

on water buffalo. (c. 1904).

a painting

Photo. Missionary woman teacher instructs Philippine

pupils in the crucial vocabulary of English (e.g.,

apple, top hat, etc). (c. 1904-10).

a painting

Cartoon. "Uncle Sam, having put his hand to the plow,

cannot turn back." Behind the ploughshare of

"civilization" Uncle Sam as farmer harrows the

Philippine fields with the twin horse of "Justice" and

"Humanity." (1898).

a painting

Cartoon. "Did anyone say he wished to tread on the

tails of my coat?" Uncle Sam, standing tall in North

America, finds his coattails extend to cover both the

Philippines and Puerto Rico. Minneapolis Journal.

(December 3, 1898).