The New American Empire and the Spanish-American War

The New American Empire and the Spanish-American War

a painting

Cartoon. "Aunty Columbia's Schoolhouse." (1894).

Aunty imposes discipline on unruly ethnicly diverse

schoolyard while Canada and Hawaii implore entrance

a painting

Cartoon. "Declined with Thanks." Uncle Sam, his belly

swollen with new acquisitions, is outfitted at

McKinley's Expansionist Tailor Shop. Uncle turns down

an "anti-expansion potion" offered by James G. Blaine.


a painting

Cartoon. "New Weight in the Balance." Uncle Sam and

Great Britain tilt the scales on the Great Power

Balance to the detriment of continental nations.

Japan sits on the fence. Minneapolis Journal (1898).

a painting

Cartoon. A Don Juanish Uncle Sam as operatic hero

shields the fair maid Cuba from the embrace of a thick

set and darkling Spanish commandante. (1894).

a painting

Hearst Newspaper drawing. "Spanish Dons search

American Women." (1898). Frederic Remington.

a painting

Cartoon. Spanish Ape hunkers over grave of USS Maine

sailors. (1898).

a painting

Cartoon. "No Room for Him on This Side." Uncle Sam

boots Spanish pirate out of Cuba and New World.

Minneapolis Journal. (April 5, 1898)

a painting

Cartoon. "Their First Thanksgiving." Uncle Sam

serves out thanksgiving viands to the new Caribbean

and Pacific acquisitions, asking Queen Lil of Hawaii,

"won't you have some white meat?" Minneapolis

Journal (October 31 1898).