Bio for Elizabeth K. Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson, a professor of Communications at California State University Bakersfield, and an occasional documentary maker, was the winner of the Best Documentary category in the Hollywood Black Film Festival 2000 competition for her self-reflective work: Surviving Abyssinia (video, 2000). The documentary, shot underground and during Ethiopiaís outbreak with Eritrea, documents her life as an African-American female volunteer in the third poorest country in the world.

During her two year stint in Ethiopia, Jackson was recognized as the International Educator of the Year by the Teachers for Africa International Foundation for Education and Self Help, an organization which places professors in Africa to address problems peculiar to the respective countries.

Jackson is currently working on a documentary, and has recently finished a a book chapter about her residence as Fulbright scholar (2003/2004) to Robert Mugabeís problem-laden Zimbabwe.

Jackson received her undergraduate degree from UCLA in psychology, her first masterís degree in clinical psychology from Fisk University, and her second masterís and doctorate degrees in Communications from Northwestern University.

Dr. Jackson may be contacted at:, or, call: (661) 664-2201