CHEM 290


CHEM 290 (Careers in Chemistry & Biochemistry) is a course developed to help students become aware of their career options. This course is offerred every fall. For more information on this course, check out the Chemistry Department's Jobs & Careers page.


CHEM 331line

I typically teach CHEM 331 (Concepts of Organic Chemistry I) in fall quarter. For more information about CHEM 331, including a the current draft of the course syllabus and answers to frequently asked questions, check out the CHEM 331 webpage.


CHEM 332line

I typically teach CHEM 332 (Concepts of Organic Chemistry II) in winter quarter.


Use the links below to access videos of online office hours and practice problem sessions from winter quarter 2012:


Practice Session #1 (Thursday, Jan 12th)

Online Office Hours #1 (Tuesday, Jan 17th)

Practice Session #2 (Thursday, Jan 19th)

Online Office Hours #2 (Tuesday, Jan 24th)

Practice Session #3 (Thursday, Jan 26th)

Online Office Hours #3 (Tuesday, Jan 31st)

Online Office Hours #4 (Tuesday, Feb 7th)


Use the links below to access videos of online office hours and problem solving sessions from winter quarter 2011:

Problem Solving Session #2 (Friday, Jan 28th)

Online Office Hours (Tuesday, Feb 1st)

Problem Solving Session #3 (Friday, Feb 4th)

Online Office Hours (Monday, Feb 7th)

Problem Solving Session #4 (Friday, Feb 11th)

Problem Solving Session #5 (Friday, Feb 18th)

Online Office Hours (Tuesday, Feb 22nd)

Problem Solving Session #6 (Friday, March 4th)

Online Office Hours (Tuesday, March 8th)

Problem Solving Session #7 (Friday, March 11th)

CHEM 333line

I typically teach CHEM 333 (Concepts of Organic Chemistry III) in spring quarter.


CHEM 452line

I last taught CHEM 452 (Instrumental Analysis: Separations) in winter quarter 2011.