Current research interests


I am interested in several aspects of synthetic organic chemistry including: (1) heterocycle synthesis, (2) methodology development, (3) synthesis of natural products and analogues, (4) combinatorial chemistry, and (5) biological/medicinal chemistry applications of organic molecules. To get information about specific research projects that are available in my lab, please contact me.


What do undergraduate researchers do?line

Undergraduate students in my lab are exposed to a variety of modern synthetic techniques and learn the research process (not just washing dishes)! New students often begin their work paired with another student and later, as they gain confidence and skills, begin their own independent projects.

In addition to time spending time working in the lab, students in my research group are expected to explore the chemical literature and attend group meetings. (Group meetings involve literature presentations, problem solving, and research presentations.) Further, I encourage my students to present their research at local and national conferences.


How do I get involved?line

Undergraduate research is an excellent way to get some hands-on chemistry experience and see if it’s right for you. Often, you can get course credit for hours spent working in the research lab. In the summers, a limited number of paid positions will be available (priority will go to students that have been working for credit during the school year).


If you think you might be interested in organic chemistry research, contact me to get more information. Additionally, I recommend attending one of our group meetings so that you can check us out and see what current research students are working on (email me to get information on upcoming meetings). Check out the Chemistry Department Research page to see when I will be accepting applications next.


Students in the Solano Research Groupline

Several undergraduate students at CSUB are hard at work doing research in the Solano Group! Current students can be viewed on the Group Members page.


Resources for undergraduate students researchersline

Links and other helpful resources for undergraduate student researchers are available on the Resources page.