Timing of Releases of Macroeconomic Statistics

and Links to internet data sites.


1. Composite Index of Leading Economic Indicators (1st week)


2. Consumer Confidence (last week


3. Consumer Price Index (CPI-U, sa) (2d week)


4. Disposable Personal Income (last week


5. GDP (25th of the month)  


6. Housing Starts (17th - 20th)    


7. Industrial Production& Capacity Utilization (midmonth


8. National Association of Purchasing Managers Index (Industrial)


9. Producer Prices (PPI-finished goods) (2nd week)


10. Real Personal Consumption Expenditure (4th week)


11. Retail Sales (2d week)  

12. Inventory-to-Sales Ratio (midmonth) 


13. Unemployment Rate (1st week