Math Field Day

Rules for Chalk Talk

CHALK TALKS should last between five and ten minutes. Since speakers should have practiced with this in mind and since our scheduling depends on this assumption, points will be deducted for deviations.  Speakers will be warned when their time is nearly up and expected to terminate their talks quickly.

In evaluating the CHALK TALKS, the various areas such as appropriateness of topic, clarity of presentation, depth and breadth of understanding, effective use of chalkboard and of time should be weighed as indicated below.  However, the finalists and winners will be determined primarily on the basis of the rankings of the speakers by the judges.  Therefore, after having heard all of the talks each judge will individually rank the speakers.

The appropriateness of the topic and the level at which it is treated will be worth 15%.  The speaker's depth and breadth of the understanding of his/her topic as evidenced in his/her talk will count 35%.  (Judges may ask questions following the talk.)  The clarity of the presentation will be worth 30%.  The talk should be clear enough that any above-average student at the speaker's class level would be able to follow it.  Effective use of the chalkboard (and other aids) will count 10%, and effective use of time and staying within the 10-minute limit will count 10%. 


Please note: 1.) Speakers should refrain from referring to notes during their talks, since to do otherwise indicates a lack of understanding of the topic and detracts from the clarity of the presentation.

              2.) The talks might be scheduled in a room with a "white board".  If so, white board markers will be provided.


Below is a sample judge¡¯s form.



Name of Speaker  ____________________
Appropriateness of topic and level   ____________________ (15%)
Depth and breadth of understanding ____________________ (35%)
Clarity of presentation ____________________ (30%)
 Overall  Grade  
Effective use of board and/or other


____________________ (10%) (A+ to F) _______
Time   ____________________  (10%)   Rank Order _______
Judge __________