Math Field Day

   Rules for Individual Medley

and Team Medley




An unlimited number of students from each school may participate in the Individual Medley.  Students will work as individuals.  Separate tests and separate prizes will be given for Junior Varsity (freshman/sophomore) and Varsity (junior/senior) events. 

The contest consists of 25 multiple-choice problems from various areas of mathematics:  The time limit for this event is 50 minutes.  Each contestant's score will be the number correct, minus one-fourth of the number wrong. Consequently random guessing, on average, should result in a score of zero. Answer sheets will be provided.  Students will need to bring No. 2 pencils to mark the answers. 



Each school advisor may pick up to 3 students in each level to comprise a school team that will compete in the Team Medley after the lunch break.  Team members will work together on approximately 10 problems during a 50-minute period.  There will probably be at least 4 teams in a classroom, so the team members will need to confer in a quiet manner.




This year no calculators are allowed on the medleys.