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  Debra Cook-Hirai, Ed.D., Director

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     I serve you as the Director of Secondary Education at CSUB, and I also teach the EDSE 506 class, Reading Across the Curriculum for Secondary Students.  Dr. Emilio Garza and I are Co-Directors of the CALLI grant/project (Content Academic Language Literacy Instruction:  http://www.csub.edu/calli, which has just entered its third of a four year award.  Look for our (co-authored with Dr. Irene Borrego, Dr. Emilio Garza and Dr. Carl Kloock) Academic Language Handbook which will be published later in 2008 by Francis Taylor and Assoc. On this web site you will find documents we use in the grant, templates I use in my class, and a host of other valuable information resources.  Have fun exploring and I look forward to meeting you, to assist you in your successful journey through our teacher education credential program!

Secondary Education Program

     The Secondary Education Program is designed for people who wish to have a career in teaching at the junior high, middle school or high school level. The credential authorizes teaching in single disciplines, such as math, English, physical education or social studies from pre-school through the adult level. This usually means seventh through twelfth grades.

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Single Subject Credential

     Teacher candidates in California are required to demonstrate competence in the subject matter they will be authorized to teach. Candidates for the Single Subject Credential have two options available for satisfying this requirement. They can either complete a Commission-approved undergraduate subject matter preparation program or they can pass the appropriate Commission-adopted subject matter examination(s) (Education Code Sections 44280 and 44310). Because they satisfy the same requirement, these two options are to be as aligned and congruent as possible.


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