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Daniel David Cervi

Department of Sociology/Antelope Valley Campus





Room 407



(661) 952-5019


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Dazed and Confused

            Some people are a little confused and more information will give them clarity. Some

 people are hopelessly confused and more information just makes it worse. Your university

training includes endless exercises in gathering, sorting, and prioritizing information.

When you graduate and are asked, “What did you learn in college?” the answer is not always

easy to explain, but one of the most important skills you will have learned involved ways

to process the stream of information that is constantly passing by us. Most of the

professional positions of the 21st Century require the ability to select, interpret, and

analyze information. So the next time you get irritated by an assignment, or feel that

you are being asked to “jump through another hoop,” instead think of it as another

opportunity to exercise and increase your skills in managing and organizing information.



     SOC 325: Sociology of Crime       Course Syllabus  


                   Final Exam is at 5 pm on Wednesday

               (if you need to take it at another time, please email)


      Final Exam Study Guide





      SOC 490: Senior Seminar      Course Syllabus