Science Education Initiatives

Dr. Dirk Baron
CSUB Department of Geological Sciences

Dual-Credit Geology Classes at High Schools

We support geology classes at six high schools in Kern County.  The classes are taken

by seniors and successful students can receive 5-units of college credit for CSUB’s

introductory physical geology class.  In 2012/2013, about 350 students completed the class. 

Of the 32 new CSUB geology freshmen in Fall 2013, 11 came through these classes. 

We organized a topical session about the classes at the 2013 annual meeting of the

Geological Society of America in which we presented the model developed in

Kern County to a national audience.  This work is supported by the National Science

Foundation, Chevron, the Pacific Section of the AAPG, and the San Joaquin Geological



CSUB students, faculty, and high school teachers at the GSA meeting in Denver

Great Valley Math and Science Partnership

This project is a planning effort for a Math and Science Institute Partnership
between CSUB, the Kern High School District, and community partners. 
It is funded by the National Science Foundation's Math and Science Partnership
program for two years, beginning in June of 2009 (Baron Principal Investigator).  

Summer Research Participation Programs for K-12 Teachers and High School Students

K-12 teachers and selected high school students work with CSUB faculty and students
on authentic geoscience research projects.  These programs were developed through a
four-year grant from the National Science Foundation's Opportunities for Enhancing
Diversity in the Geosciences
program (Baron Principal Investigator).  They have now
been expanded to all science and the math department at CSUB as the REVS-UP program
funded by a donation from Chevron.

Noyce Scholarships

This program funded by the National Science Foundation provides scholarships of
up to $10,000 per year to science and math students interested in a teaching career
(Baron Co-PI).