Class Information

Dr. Dirk Baron
CSUB Department of Geological Sciences

Academic Year 2015/2016

Office HoursTo be announced


Fall 2015

Geol 420 Environmental Geochemistry

Catalog Description Processes that influence the behavior of trace metals and nutrient elements in natural waters, soils, and sediments and control the chemical composition of pristine and polluted surface and groundwater. Topics will include a review of pertinent thermodynamic principles, acid-base equilibria, chemistry of dissolved CO2, metal complexation, precipitation and dissolution of solids, adsorption, and redox reactions. Prerequisites: CHEM 212, GEOL 310, or consent of instructor.

Textbook Eby (2003) Principles of Environmental Geochemistry, Cengage Learning, ISBN 978-0122290619

Winter 2016

Sci 352B Water in the West Honors


Spring 2016

Geol 475 - Hydrogeology