This list reflects my teaching and research interests.  Most of the links are to Irish and British history sites. You will also find some women’s history links, and the very interesting site of the Society for Irish Latin American studies.  This alphabetical list is updated periodically depending on what I come across, and what I am teaching at the time. (Last updated September 2008.)


Sites of Irish Interest

University College Dublin podcasts in Irish Studies

Act of Union Virtual library

American Conference for Irish Studies

Institute for Irish American Studies

Irish Studies resources (Acis)

Center for the preservation of irish American Publications

Easter Rising 1916

European Digital Library


The Great Irish famine (New Jersey Curriculum)

Irish Census (Dublin, 1911)

Ireland’s Historic maps

Ireland’s History in Maps

Irish History online

Irish Times

island Ireland

National Archives of Ireland

National Library of Ireland

RTE: Irish National Radio and Television

Ireland and Latin America

Society for Irish Latin American Studies

British History Sites
British Library

British Slave Trade 1600-1807

British Empire

British and Irish History (University of Washington)

Imperial War Museum

Institute for British and Irish Studies (USC)

Victorian Web

European History Videos
Eugen Weber's Western Civilization Series

Museum of Tolerance

United States Holocaust memorial Museum

Vatican Archives Website

Women’s History Sites

A Midwife's Tale

Votes for Women (Library of Congress)

Women in the Nineteenth Century Links (Matilda Joslyn Gage Website )