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Program in Child Development

a childThe Child Development Department in the College of Education offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with 5 different areas of concentration, Elementary Education / Multiple Subjects Waiver, Caring for Children and Adolescents in Formal Settings, Understanding Drugs, Gangs, and Youth Violence, Public Policy, and Sociological Perspectives of Children.
    We also offer the
Early Childhood Education concentration
a child before computer monitor in the Master of Arts in Education. Please browse through our web page for links to the faculty and staff, child development student club, community and professional organizations, our mission statement, and sites which tell you more specifically about our degree programs.


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Elementary Education/Multiple Subjects Waiver 95-98

Elementary Education/Multiple Subjects Waiver 99-01

All other concentrations 95-98

All other concentrations 99-01

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Graduate Programs

     The concentration in early childhood education is available for those individuals who have undergraduate or post-baccalaureate preparation related to Early Childhood and Family studies. The student should intend to teach in child centered settings with infants, preschool, or elementary aged children, work as administrators of childhood and family programs, pursue a career as a researcher, become a college instructor in early childhood, child development, and family education, work in private industries related to child and family centered products, or private or public service organizations.
     The primary orientations of the concentration are toward improvement of teaching, design, and development of programs, curricula, and the utilization of research in child and family centered programs. Appropriate concerns are methods, materials, plans, research data, and procedures pertinent to early childhood and family education.
The specialization in early childhood and family education is obtainable in conjunction with the regular elementary credential, and the Master of Arts in Education degree.


Club News

    Child Development Club Party Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 10:40 am. The Child Development Club is having  an end of the year celebration!!  We are going to meet on Friday, June 8th at 4:30PM. Check back here for further information.

      Child Development 250, Health and Safety and 360, Parenting Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 10:38 am Child Development 250 and 360 are being offered this summer. Sign up for the class through Extended University.  The prices have changed from last year!! The classes are MUCH cheaper. Register during late registration. It is not too late to take these two classes.


"The Kindness of Children"
     Stories, drawings, poems, photographs about children being kind, helping our children develop empathy.

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