English 110

Library Research Skills Lab


Instructor: Christy Gavin

Office: Library, 116D    Office Hours: Monday 3-5pm (Research Corner) and by appointment

Email: cgavin@csub.edu  Web:   http://www.csub.edu/~cgavin/Lab/welcome.htm


Learning Outcomes


        Students will be able to:

 Grading and Attendance Policies


You are responsible for attending the Library Lab that is assigned to your class. The grade you earn in this Lab is 10% of your English 110 grade.


Students will successfully complete the following to satisfy the requirements for the Lab.


Exercise 1: Basic Boolean Strategy (30 points)

Exercise 2: Boolean Strategy and Scholarly Article (50 points)

Exercise 3: Online Library Catalog Strategies (40 points)

Exercise 4: Google Searching & Evaluation of Web Sites (30 points)

Bonus Points: Participate in Library Tour (5 points)*


Late homework will not be accepted. If you miss class, you must download the assignment and complete before the next class.  Requesting the assignment at the next class period is unacceptable. 

 Attendance is mandatory. Class attendance is vital to acquiring the skills covered by the course.


Course Outline


 Week of  Jan. 17

Introduction to Boolean search strategies

Introduction to deep web content: researching periodical databases


 Week of  Jan. 24

Continue researching periodical databases

Evaluating scholarly and popular press articles


Week of  Jan. 31

Researching online news sources

Researching online book catalogs


Week of  Feb. 7

Searching Internet search engines

Evaluating surface Web content


*Tours of the library will be offered. The tours are approximately half an hour long and when you attend and sign in you can receive 5 bonus points. The tour schedule is available on the library’s Facebook page and at the Library’s Check Out Desk.