Alem Kebede
ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Dr AlemSeghed Kebede is a graduate of Oklahoma State University (MS: Sociology; MA: Philosophy; PhD: Sociology).  Prior to joining CSUB, he had a visiting assistant professor position at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Alem's research areas include social theory, social movements, and cross-cultural encounters.  His articles have appeared in Sociological Inquiry, Sociological Perspectives, Sociological Spectrum, and Research in Social Movements. Currently, Alem is conducting research on two projects entitled “Grassroots Environmental Movements: A Gramscian Perspective,” and “Jean Lyotard and John Rawls on Pluralism: Themes of Convergence and Divergence.”  His recent published article deals with the notion of “decentered movements”—a concept that he has coined—and the Rastafari.  While at CSUB, Alem has taught Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology, Social Stratification, Social Change, and Advanced Sociological Theories.  During his spare time, Alem loves to train for marathons. He has run seven marathons, including the Boston and New York City Marathons.  Alem is a native of Ethiopia, East Africa, “who has come [to the United States] today and decided to stay tomorrow.”