Biology 203 Introductory Biology--Plants


Spring 2015


Dr. Jacobsen

CSUB Department of Biology


Instructor: (see syllabus for contact information and office hours)

Dr. A. Jacobsen


Textbook:  Evert and Eichhorn. Raven Biology of Plants 8th Edition (required).

                Additional textbook material is available online at:



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Tentative Course Schedule:

Lecture-01 31787 MW 5:15-6:30 PM (Jacobsen)  
Lab-02 31788 TR 12:45-3:15 PM (Ramirez)  
Lab-03 31789 MW 10:30 AM - 1 PM (Ramirez)  
Lab-04 31790 TR 5-7:30 PM (Jacobsen)  
Jacobsen Biology 203 Spring 2015  
Unit Day(s) Date Topic/Assignments Assigned Reading
Plant Structure M 30-Mar The Structure of Plants Cells Ch. 2, 3, and 4
M & T   NO LAB MEETING (Tues. Cesar Chavez Day--Campus closed)  
W 1-Apr Types of Plant Cells Ch. 23
W & R   LAB 1: Inside Plant Cells  
M 6-Apr Tissues and Tissue Systems Ch. 22 and 23
M & T   LAB 2: Plant Cells  
W 8-Apr Root: Structure and Development (Mini-Exam) Ch. 24
W & R   LAB 3: Plant Cells and Tissues  
M 13-Apr Shoot: Structure and Development Ch. 25 (pg 579-592)
M & T   LAB 4: Roots  
W 15-Apr Shoot: Leaves (Mini-Exam) Ch. 25 (pg 592-613)
W & R   LAB 5: Shoots and Leaves  
M 20-Apr Secondary Growth Ch. 26
M & T   LAB 6: Secondary Growth  
Plant Function and Scientific Research W 22-Apr Paper discussion and In-class activity Brooker et al. 2015 Paper*
W & R   LAB 7: Scientific Method and Research Projects  
M 27-Apr EXAM 1 Comprehensive (Lecture and Lab material)  
M & T   LAB 8: Plant Hormones Set-Up  
W 29-Apr Photosynthesis and Respiration Ch. 6 and 7
W & R   LAB 9: Photosynthesis  
M 4-May Plant Hormones  Ch. 27
M & T   LAB 10: Hormones  
W 6-May Plant Nutrition Ch. 29 and pgs 312-315
W & R   LAB 11: Plant Nutrition and Research (plant harvesting and measures)
M 11-May Transport of Water and Solutes  Ch. 30
M & T   LAB 12: Water Transport and Research (data collection)  
W 13-May Writing a Scientific Paper How to Write*
W & R   LAB 13: Research Projects (analysis and writing)  
M 18-May EXAM 2 Material covered since prior exam (Lecture and Lab material)
M & T   Independent Research Project Writing (no formal lab meeting)  
Plant Evolution and Diversity W 20-May Writing a Scientific Paper (cont.) Online Assignment*
W & R   Independent Research Project Writing (no formal lab meeting)  
M 25-May Memorial Day--Campus closed  
W 27-May An Introduction to Plant Evolution  Ch. 16 and pgs 250-254
W & R   LAB 14: Bryophytes (RESEARCH PAPERS DUE!)  
M 1-Jun Seedless Vascular Plants  Ch. 17
M & T   LAB 15: Seedless Vascular Plants  
W 3-Jun Gymnosperms  Ch. 18
W & R   LAB 16: Gymnosperms  
M 8-Jun Angiosperms  Ch. 19 and 20
M & T   LAB 17: Angiosperms: Flowers and Fruits  
  TBA TBA FINAL Comprehensive Exam On All Lecture and Laboratory Material
* = Posted to Blackboard