The Fine Print

These pages are intended for use in a course offered at the California State University Bakersfield. The information on these pages is in the public domain. It is not released to the public.

Fair Use

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These Web pages and the Adobe Acrobat Files are designed as supporting material for the respective class. Having access to this information should in no way be understood as providing you with an excuse to skip class. In fact, lecture notes provided are purposely incomplete. Their function is to help you taking complete and accurate notes during lectures (if notes are provided) or give you fast access to handouts and solution keys. These notes/handouts/solution keys might contain mistakes (nobody is perfect). Once noted (by you or me) these mistakes will be corrected during lectures, which makes it even more important for you to come to class. These pages are also not meant to be taken as a substitute for seeing me during my office hours or after class in order to resolve questions you might have.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone outside of CSUB who uses these pages as a reference source.

A. Gebauer