Andreas Gebauer

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Chemistry
Program Director, Noyce Scholarship Program
Program Director, CSUB STEM Program

office: Science II 252
phone: (661) 654-6840
fax: (661) 654-2040

Andreas Gebauer

California State University, Bakersfield 2003 - present

University of Alabama in Huntsville 2000 - 2003

Postdoc: University of California in Berkeley

Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin (1997, Organic Chemistry)

Diplom Chemiker (M.S.): University of Cologne (1993, Organic Chemistry)

Academic Experience

I teach General Chemistry, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Inorganic Chemistry, and special topics in bioinorganic chemistry and organometallics.

Research Interests

My expertise lies in organic, inorganic, and organometallic synthesis. Special emphasis goes to the development of novel catalysts for application in olefin epoxidation, olefin polymerization and desulfurization. Another direction of my research is the development of small molecular mimics of protein and enzyme active sites. Here, the focus is on oxygen activation and transfer, peroxynitrite decomposition, nitrogen activation, and catalytic hydrocarbon oxygenation. Specifically, my research program will be concerned with the synthesis and application of a variety of new macrocyclic compounds. These materials are targeted to i) prepare novel macrocyclic materials which will be applied to obtain structural and functional mimics of metalloproteins and -enzymes; ii) develop new ligands with unique affinity for studies in host-guest chemistry; iii) to test the above libraries in industrial applications such as olefin polymerization, olefin epoxidation, and desulfurization; iv) study questions of fundamental interest such as the nature of aromaticity.


December 13, 2011