Phys 313

Introduction to Solid State Physics
Winter and Spring 2015


Crystal Lattices

Bravais Lattice

Reciprocal Lattice I

Reciprocal Lattice II

Crystal Structures and X-ray Diffraction I

Crystal Structures and X-ray Diffraction II

Crystal Structures and Reciprocal Lattices

Classification of Solids

A little Review of Atomic Physics

Periodic Table of Elements

Cohesive Energy

Virial Theorem in Quantum Mechanics

Harmonic Crystal Vibrations

Lattice Vibrations I

Lattice Vibrations II

Quantum Theory of Harmonic Crystals

Debye and Einstein Approximations, DOS

Analogy with Black Body Radiation, Anharmonicities

Quantum Description of Crystal Vibrations, Crystal Momentum

Lattice Thermal Conductivity

Advanced Kinetic Theory: Cubic Anharmonicity

Drude Theory of Metals

Resistance, Resistivity, Hall Effect

Thermal Conductivity and Failures of the Classical Model

Fermi Gas: Quantum Statistics

Degenerate Fermi Gas in Metals

Bloch Electron

Periodic Potential: Bloch Theorem


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