Physics 2210

Classical Physics I  

Santa Barbara

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Syllabus       Webassign Class Key: csub 0838 7867 (Spring 2019)

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Practice Exam 2
Practice Exam 3

Lab 1: Instantaneous Versus Average Velocity.    
Lab 2: Acceleration due to Gravity.    
Lab 3: Projectile Motion    
Lab 5: Conservation of Momentum.    
Lab 6: Conservation of Energy.    
Lab 4: Force of Friction    
Lab 7: Rotational Motion.    

Chap 1: Physics and Measurements       Chap 1: Pdf
Chap 2: Motion in One Dimension       Chap 2: Pdf
Chap 3: Vectors       Chap 3: Pdf
Chap 4: Motion in Two Dimensions       Chap 4: Pdf
Chap 5: The Laws of Motion       Chap 5: Pdf
Chap 6: Circular Motion and Other Applications of Newton's Laws
Chap 7: Energy and Energy Transfer
Chap 8: Conservation of Energy
Chap 9: Linear Momentum and Collisions
Chap 10: Rotation of a Rigid Object about a Fixed Axis
Chap 11: Angular Momentum
Chap 12: Equilibrium