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Workshop Schedule

The Writing Resource Center offers a variety of 30 minute workshops focusing on writing and grammar. Below is our schedule of workshops, which begin the second week of classes.

WRC Workshop Schedule

Week 2: Jan. 12-16

Date                     Time           Topic

Mon. 1/12            10am          Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences

Mon. 1/12            1:30pm       Essay Invention

Tue. 1/13             10 am         Run-ons

Tue. 1/13             1:30pm       Sentence Variety

Wed. 1/14            10:00am     Commas

Wed. 1/14            1:30pm       Sentence Variety

Thur. 1/15            10am          Part of Speech, Phrases, and Clauses

Thur. 1/15            1:30pm       Commas

Week 3: Jan. 19-23

Date                     Time           Topic

Mon. 1/19            10am          Fragments

Mon. 1/19            1:30pm       Paragraph Development and Coherence

Tue. 1/20             10 am        Comma

Tue. 1/20             1:30pm       Fragments

Wed. 1/21            10:00am     Timed Writing

Wed. 1/21            1:30pm       Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences

Thur. 1/22            10am          Essay Invention (Bring your writing prompt)     

Thur. 1/22            1:30pm       Fragments

Week 4: Jan. 26-30

Date                     Time           Topic

Mon. 1/26            10am          Run-ons

Mon. 1/26            1:30pm       Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences

Tue. 1/27             10 am         Paragraph Development and Coherence

Tue. 1/27             1:30pm       APA/MLA Citation

Wed. 1/28            10:00am     Run-ons

Wed. 1/28            1:30pm       Apostrophes

Thur. 1/29            10am          Essay Invention and Organization

Thur. 1/29            1:30pm       Run-ons

Week 5: Feb. 2-6

Date                     Time           Topic

Mon. 2/2              10am          Commas

Mon. 2/2              1:30pm       Paraphrasing/Summarizing

Tue. 2/3               10 am         Essay Development and Organization                

Tue. 2/3               1:30pm       Commas

Wed. 2/4              10:00am     Commas

Wed. 2/4              1:30pm       APA/MLA Citation

Thur. 2/5              10am          Paragraph Development and Coherence

Thur. 2/5              1:30pm       Commas

Week 6: Feb. 9-12

Date                     Time           Topic

Mon. 2/9              10am          Quotation Marks (Citing/Plagiarism)                  

Mon. 2/9              1:30pm       Paragraph Development and Coherence

Tue. 2/10             10 am         Paraphrasing/Summarizing

Tue. 2/10             1:30pm       Quotation Marks (Citing/Plagiarism)

Wed. 2/11            10:00am     Timed Writing

Wed. 2/11            1:30pm       Paraphrasing/Summarizing

Thur. 2/12            10am          APA/MLA Citation

Thur. 2/12            1:30pm       Quotation Marks (Citing/Plagiarism)

Week 7: Feb. 16-20

Date                     Time           Topic

Mon. 2/16            10am          Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences

Mon. 2/16            1:30pm       Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Tue. 2/17             10 am        Timed Writing

Tue. 2/17             1:30pm      Subject-Verb Agreement

Wed. 2/18            10:00am    Scholarship Letter/Business Letters

Wed. 2/18            1:30pm      APA/MLA Citation

Thur. 2/19            10am         Essay Development and Organization

Thur. 2/19            1:30pm      Subject-Verb Agreement

 Week 8: Feb. 23-26

Date                     Time           Topic

Mon. 2/23            10am         Timed Writing

Mon. 2/23            1:30pm      APA/MLA Citation      

Tue. 2/24             10 am       Other Punctuation

Tue. 2/24             1:30pm     APA/MLA Citation

Wed. 2/25            10:00am   Essay Development and Organization

Wed. 2/25            2:30pm     Other Punctuation

Thur. 2/26            10am        Timed Writing

Thur. 2/26            1:30pm     Quotation Marks (Citing/Plagiarism)

Ideas for a Workshop?

We will be having our quarterly two-part GWAR Preparation Workshop: Strategies to Follow and Mistakes to Avoid

Part 1: Take a practice GWAR exam

Time: Friday, Jan. 23 at 1 p.m.

Location: WRC (Admin. East 105)

Duration: (1 hour or less)

Part 2: GWAR strategies and individual conferences with tutors about your practice exam

Time: Friday, Jan 30 at 1 p.m.

Location: WRC (Admin. East 105)

Duration: (1-2 hours)