WASC Review Process

The WASC review process assists the University in developing and sustaining effective educational programs, student academic support services, and student affairs programs and services that contribute to a vibrant campus life. In addition, the WASC review process assures the educational community, the general public, and other public and private organizations that CSUB has met high standards of academic quality and educational effectiveness.

The three elements of the WASC review process are:

  • Institutional Proposal
  • Capacity & Preparatory Review (CPR)
  • Educational Effectiveness Review (EER)

The time line for the current WASC review process is:

Institutional Proposal Submitted
Institutional Proposal Approved
CPR Report Submitted
CPR Site Visit Team
EER Report Submitted
EER Site Visit Team

For CSUB, the above elements of the WASC review process have been fully integrated into the University Strategic Planning (USP) process, with the above dates serving as major milestones for specific actions required within the USP process.