This page lists a variety of video tutorials on a variety of items. The videos on this page and the documents on the other pages are meant to increase your awareness of how our new VoIP telephone system works. Do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk at 661-654-HELP (4357) to request new content or one-on-one training sessions.

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Mitel 6867i User Guide

Mitel 6863i User Guide

How To Change Your Ringtone On The 6867i

How Set A Password on your 6867i To Lock The Phone

How To Use The Redial And Callers List On The 6867i Phone

How To Make A 3-Way Call On Your 6867i Phone

How To Transfer A Call On Your 6867i Phone

How To Use Clearspan Communicator

  • Note: You will need to contact the Help Desk to enable the service (additional charges may apply) and have the Help Desk install the Clearspan Communicator application. You may safely ignore the installation steps of the video.


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