The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to your phone are listed below. If you have a question not listed in the FAQ, then please call the Help Desk to provide assistance. We will update the list as we become aware of additional questions that may be of assistance.

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How do I program a speed dial button on my phone?

  • Press and hold a one of the soft keys or a dial pad key until you are prompted to name the speed dial button.
  • NOTE: You can use a speed dial key while on an active call by placing the active call on hold first, and then pressing the speed dial key.

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How do I turn off the Screen Saver on my phone?

  • Follow the guide titled "How To Change The Screen Saver Timer Settings On Your Phone" in the User Guides section of the Training and Documentation page or by clicking here.
  • You will need to set the timer to 0 to turnoff the screen saver.

My phone has a solid red light on and the screen says no service. Is there something wrong?

  • Your phone needs to be restarted.
  • Press Menu button
  • Select Restart.
  • The following prompt displays:
    "Restart phone?"
  • Select Yes to restart the phone.
  • Or, Select No to go back to the Options Screen

How do I place a call outside the campus?

  • To place callsoutside the campus, just dial 9,followed by the seven-digittelephone number (XXX-XXXX) or ten-digit telephone number (XXX-XXX-XXXX).

How do I place a long distance, international, or a credit card call?

  • Long distance calls
    • Dial 9, 1, the area code, and the seven-digit telephone number
  • International calls
    • Dial 9, 011, country code, city code, and telephone number
    • Most campus telephones are restricted and do not have this capability
  • Credit Card Calls
    • Dial 9, followed by 0, the area code, and number. When you hear a tone, key in your credit card number

How do I mute a call?

  • To mute a call, press the  mute button Mute button. 

  • To unmute, press the mute button Mute button again.

How do I order a headset for my phone?

  • Contact your DTC and/or Help Desk at 654-HELP.
  • Or, you can order one of the recommended headsets in the equipment section through an approved retailer.

How do I put a call on hold?

Place a Call on Hold 

Placing a call on Hold allows you to use your phone for other operations without interfering with an active call. 

  • To place a call on Hold Call hold button button, press the Hold button. 

Rresume a Call on Hold 

  • To resume a call, press the Call hold button Hold button again to resume the call. 


How do I view who called me?

From the Callers list: 

The Callers List allows you to view the individuals, who called you.  The list holds the last of up to 200 incoming calls. 

  • Press the Call Button Callers button 

  • Move the Directional padto the Call type (All, Missed, Outgoing, orReceived) 

  • Press the Directional padto the Right and stroll Down/Up to view your list.

How do I adjust the volume on my phone?

Adjusting the Volume

You can adjust the volume while on a call. 

  • Press the volume control button Volume button toward the left to lower volume and toward the right to increase the volume.Shape

How do I place a call on speaker?

  • To use your speaker phone, press the speakerphone button Speaker Phone button. 

  • To deactivate your speaker phone, press the speakerphone button Speaker Phone button again.

How do I transfer a call?

Call transferring allows you to transfer an active call to another destination. 

1. While on the call with the party you want to transfer, press the Transfer Button Transfer button. 

2. Dial the recipient’s number 

3. Stay on the line to announce the caller (Press Cancel to cancel the transfer) 

4. Press the Transfer Button Transfer button

How do I transfer a call to Voicemail?

1. While on the call with the party you want to transfer, press the Transfer Button Transfer button. 

2. Press *55 on your phone 

3. To transfer to your own voicemail box, press the # key 

4. To transfer to another individual’s voicemail box, 

  • Enter their extension 

  • Press the # key on your phone 

5.     To cancel, press the * on your phone

How do I put my phone on Do Not Disturb?

The Do Not Disturb feature will send your calls directly to your voicemail. This feature is helpful, when you will be out of the office, away for business, or on vacation. 

  • Press the DND function button to activate DND 

  • Dial *79  todeactivate DND. You will hear a system message indicating that the feature was turned off.

How do I make a conference call?

3-way conferencing allows you to connect two different parties and yourself on a call at the same time. 

1. Dial the first party 

2. Press the Conference Button Conference button. 

3. Dial the second party’s number 
Note: If the second party does not answer, press the Cancel soft key. Then press the Line Appearance where your first caller is holding. 

4. When the second party answers, press the Conference Button Conference button again to complete the action 

5. Press the Drop softkeyto end the call or hang-up

How do I redial a number?

Redialing allows you to redial a person who called you previously or to call the last number dialed. To redial a number, 

1. Press the Redial Button Redial button once to access a list of recently dialed numbers. 

2. Use the Up and Down keys on the Directional pad Navigation/Selection button to scroll through the entries 

3. Press the Directional pad Select key button or Dial soft keys to redial the selected number. 

4. Or, press the  Redialbutton number, when the phone is ringing.

How do I forward a call?

Call forwarding allows your calls to ring at another number, such as the campus voicemail system. 

Activate Call Forwarding 

1. Press the Call Fwdsoft key 

2. Under ALL, enter the phone number you want your calls forwarded, such as 2933 for voicemail 

3. Press the down arrow on the Directional pad Navigation/Select button 

4. Press the center of the Directional pad Navigation/Selection button to toggle the check box ON 

5. Press the Save soft key 

Deactivate Call Forwarding 

  • Dial *73  todeactivate Call Forwarding. 

How do I deactivate Call Forwarding?

  • Dial *73 to deactivate Call Forwarding.

What is the default PIN for the Phone (Not voicemail)?

  • The default PIN for your phone is 0000
  • You will need to contact the help desk to open a ticket to reset the PIN on your phone if the default PIN does not work or if you forget the PIN.

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