The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to your phone service are listed below. If you have a question not listed in the FAQ, then please call the Help Desk to provide assistance. We will update the list as we become aware of additional questions that may be of assistance.

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How do I request new phone service?

  • Contact your DTC to open a ticket with the Help Desk requesting the new service.
  • The DTC will need to provide your name, department, and room number.

How do I stop my phone service?

  • The DTC will need to contact the Help Desk and provide the name, department, room number, and extension to stop the service.

What is a DTC?

  • The DTC is the Department Technology Consultant and is the person authorized to make changes related to telecom.

When do I contact the DTC to make a request?

  • When you want to make a Move, Add or Change to your phone.


Phone: 661-654-HELP
Web: Request Help
Location: Walter Stiern Library, Room 15