Skillport eLearning Professional Development

The CSU is committed to the growth and development of its staff and faculty.  As part of this commitment, the CSU has purchased a subscription to the Skillport eLearning Professional Development.  As faculty and staff, you have access to thousands of online eLearning courses, books, and videos through this service. You can take these courses at any time from the comfort of your office. More importantly, these course are FREE of charge.

The Skillport courses cover three major subject areas: desktop applications, information technology, and business. Each subject area has a catalog that lists the different course offerings. To find out more about this valuable service, please visit the Chancellor's Office Training and Development website.


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What type of business courses are offered?

The Business Library offers a wide range of courses on various business, professional, and personal development.  The courses covers areas, such as:

  • Business Strategy and Operations
  • Finance, Human Resources, and Administration
  • Management and Leadership
  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Project Effectiveness

Additionally, you can learn about Six Sigma, project management, business analysis, ITIL, customer service, and personal development. 

To find out more, go to: Business Catalog

What type of desktop application courses are offered?

The Desktop Library offers courses on Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft products for PCs and Macs.  The course offerings include:

  • Adobe Products
    The courses cover Flash, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks, and more.

  • Apple
    The courses cover Mac OS X and Safari.

  • Microsoft Office (2010, 2011. and 2013)
    The series includes beginning and advanced content for Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Word, and SharePoint.

  • Microsoft Windows
    The courses cover Windows 7 and 8

To find out more, go to: Desktop Applications Catalog

What type of IT courses are offered?

The IT Library provides training content on a wide array of information technology topics.  The topics include:

  • Software Development
  • Operating Systems and Server Technologies
  • Internet and Network Technologies
  • Enterprise Database Systems
  • Web Design
  • ITIL
  • Project Effectiveness
  • Certification Test Preps

To find out more, go to: Information Technology (IT)