Flyer Fun with Canva

Canva is a graphics application, app, available on the web or your mobile device. With it, you can create print, web, and social media content quickly and easily. It has many options for text, hundreds of templates, and over 1 million graphics. Additionally, it includes functionality for photo editing, designing color palettes, and selecting font combinations. You can download your content and upload photos, images, and other graphics.

Overall Aim:

To teach you how to create flyers, social graphics, and logos using CANVA.

Session Length: 90-120 minutes

Intended Audience: Staff or Faculty

Prerequisite: Familiarity with the Internet

Format: Direct instruction, guided practice, and independent practice

Session Objectives:

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the function and purpose of Canva
  • Distinguish between free & paid accounts
  • Compare and contrast JPG and PNG
  • Distinguish between copyright licensing
  • Sign into Canva
  • Use templates to create a flyer & graphic
  • Navigate to free photo websites
  • Modify a flyer to change text and images
  • Search for templates, objects, etc.
  • Enhance text and images
  • Upload images
  • Download your creations as PDF, JPG, or PNG
  • Share your creations

Session Documents

Printer Friendly Version

Canva logo

Create engaging flyers like a Rock Star