My Teaching Schedule

My Teaching Schedule provides a summary of the classes you are teaching for a specific term. The summary displays the Class, Class Name, number of students enrolled, meeting days and times, class location, and the class dates for the term.

You can choose to display all classes, classes with enrollments, or a weekly teaching schedule. From My Teaching Schedule, you can access your class roster or grade roster. You can view the course detail for specific classes. In addition, can download your teaching schedule to your computer or open it in a web browser by using the download button.

My Teaching Schedule

View My Weekly Schedule

You can view a weekly schedule of the classes you are teaching. To view a weekly schedule:

  1. Click View My Weekly Schedule link
  2. Use the Print Button on your browser to print the schedule.

View Course Details

You can view additional information about a specific course you are teaching. To view course details:

  1. Click the Class hyperlink for the course you desire
  2. Use your vertical and horizontal scroll bars to view the Course Detail information.

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