ITV Studio Recording


  • Contact the ITV Staff to schedule your session. Devote 30min to an hour to discuss your plan with ITV staff. Plan what your video should look like. How do you envision your project? ITV staff can help you and make sure your message is delivered the most effective way possible.
  • Be sure to test any presentation media on a computer other than the one where it was created. Even better: Come by ITV the day before your production day to test your presentation in our studio to see if any adjustments in formatting need to be made.

Recording Day

  • If possible, allow 30 minutes of preparation before you begin recording. ITV staff will go over your presentation material with you to ensure everything works before you begin.
  • In most cases you will not need to work with the ITV controls. Should you need to work with the ITV controls ITV staff will show you what you need to know.
  • Depending on your needs, ITV staff may stay with you or may leave the studio during the recording.
  • If you’re working alone, inform the ITV staff when you have finish recording your content.

Post Recording

  • When your recording is finished, ITV staff will go over any final details with you. This includes discussion of any editing needed to complete your video as well as the final product’s format.
  • Typically, final cut videos are released to you between 2-5 business days; however, this time can vary depending on the individual needs of the video.
  • When the final cut is ready, ITV staff will send you the video in the requested format along with a Master copy if you request it. ITV staff will store a copy of the Master video until the end of the quarter/semester. At the end of the quarter/semester ITV staff will destroy the master copy on hand unless you have made prior arrangements with ITV staff.