ITV is best known for classroom and meeting videoconferencing services. But, ITV also serves as a place to make video productions. Recordings of live classroom instruction or stand-alone lectures can be used for on-line training or BlackBoard class lectures.

Use of the video recording studio service is easy. Videos made here are not limited to a simple talking head. Any content you wish to add like Power Points, YouTube Videos or even close up viewing of physical objects like books or pinecones can be easily added. Our entire studio is equipped with multiple microphones so, in most cases, you and your guests will not have to worry about the hassles of wearing a clip-on microphone or passing around a hand-held mic. The studios are designed with ease of use in mind, without sacrificing quality.

The ITV staff will work with you though the entire process. We can assist with planning, videography, and editing of the final video. Your finished product can be in the media format of your choosing. (e.g., DVD, BlackBoard video, digital file, etc.). What do you need to bring for a scheduled recording session? Yourself, a prepared lecture and your display materials or computer files (like PowerPoint). Computer materials can be on a flash drive, email, CD or DVD.

To create a video, or for more information, give us a call. ITV staff can be reached at 661-654-6700.