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Course Menu Type Description
Course Menu Item Content
Content areas are the top-level course areas. They hold all of your course materials. You create, link, and manage them on the course menu. Typically, courses contain multiple content areas. After you create a content area, you add content to it, such as online lectures, multimedia, tests, and communication tools.
Create a module page and select the individual modules to include. The modules you select can be tools, such as a calculator, or the modules can display information, such as grades, alerts, and tasks.
The Blank Page tool allows you to include files, images, and text as links on the course menu. Include blank pages on the course menu for critical information, as too many links on the course menu can overwhelm students. Remove blank pages from the course menu as soon as the information is no longer needed.
Create a link to an available tool in your course, such as the calendar or journals. You can also create a link to the Tools page.
Create a shortcut to an existing area, tool, or item in a course.
Create a link to a URL to provide quick access to a resource on the internet.
Subheader A subheader is unlinked text. You can group related links under a subheader to help users find information quickly.
Divider A divider is a line that visually divides the course menu to help users find information quickly. After you create it, you can move it to the appropriate position.