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An item can contain text, audio, movies, files, images, and mashups. If you add text, you can format it using the content editor functions.

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An HTML file that you can use in your course. These files can be viewed as a page within your course or as a seperate piece of content in a seperate browser window.

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Audio / Image / Video

Upload files from your computer and incorporate them in a course area.

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Link to an outside website or resource.

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Learning Module

A set of content that includes a structured path for progressing through the items.

Lesson Plan

A special content type that combines information about the lesson itself with the curriculum resources used to teach it.


Enables you to attach an existing syllabus file or build a course syllabus by walking through a series of steps.

Course Link

A shortcut to an item, tool, or area in a course.

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Content Folder

A course area that contains content items. Folders allow content to be structured with a hierarchy or categories.

Blank Page

The blank page tool allows you to include files, images, and text as a link in a course area. Blank pages present content in a different way than items do. There is no description that appears below the title of the page. Users see your content only after clicking the lin

Module Page

A page containing dynamic personalized content modules that help users keep track of tasks, tests, assignments, and new content created in the course


Mashups allow you to include content in a course that is from an external website. Three types of mashups are ava ilable:

  • Flickr Photo®: Link to a site for viewing and sharing photographic images

  • SlideShare: Link to a site for viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, or Adobe PDF Portfolios

  • YouTube™: Link to a site for viewing and sharing online videos

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