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Calculated Formula

Calculated Formula question contains a formula, the variables of which can be set to change for each user.

Calculated Numeric Response

This question resembles a fill-in-the-blank question. The user enters a number to complete a statement.


Users are presented with a statement and asked to respond using a selection of pre-defined two-choice answers, such as: Yes/No, Agree/Disagree or Right/Wrong.


Essay questions require the Instructor to provide the user with a question or statement. Users are given the opportunity to type an answer into a text field. These types of questions must be graded manually.

File Response

Users upload a file from the local drive to answer the question. This type of question is graded manually.

Fill in Multiple Blanks

This question type builds on fill-in-the-blank questions with multiple fill in the blank responses that can be inserted into a sentence or paragraph.

Fill in the Blank

Fill in the Blank answers are evaluated based on an exact text match. Accordingly, it is important to keep the answers simple and limited to as few words as possible. Answers are not case sensitive, but are evaluated based on spelling. Keep answers limited to one or two words to avoid mismatched answers due to extra spaces or order of answer terms.

Hot Spot

Users indicate the answer by marking a specific point on an image. A range of pixel coordinates is used to define the correct answer.

Jumbled Sentence

This question type requires users to complete a sentence, choosing words using drop-down lists.


Matching questions allow users to pair items in one column to items in another column. This could be matching text to text, text to pictures, pictures to sound clips and so on.

Multiple Answer

Multiple answer questions allow users to choose more than one answer.

Multiple Choice

Multiple-choice questions allow the users a multitude of choices with only one correct answer. In multiple-choice questions, users indicate the correct answer by selecting a radio button. The number of answer choices is limited to 20.

Opinion/Likert Scale

Question type based on a rating scale designed to measure attitudes or reactions. When the instructor creates an opinion scale question, six answer fields are pre-populated with the following answers: Strongly Agree, Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree and Not Applicable.


Ordering questions require users to provide an answer by selecting the correct order of a series of items. This could be chronological or procedural.


The user is shown the answer and responds by entering the correct question into a text box. An answer must include a phrase and a question word, such as who, what, or where, to be marked as correct.

Short Answer

Short answers are similar to essay questions.


True/False questions allow the user to choose either true or false. True and False answer options are limited to the words True and False.