Faculty TLC Summer Institute For Online Teaching

2016 Summer Institute For Online Teaching

The sixth Summer Institute for Online Teaching will be held June 20-23 and August 8-11, 2016. It is free to CSUB faculty and instructors. Participants from outside CSUB are welcome and will pay a registration fee.

The goals for workshop participants are:

  1. To become familiar with the Quality Matter standards for online/hybrid course design
  2. To share ideas and strategies in the design and teaching of online/hybrid courses
  3. To design or redesign an online/hybrid course using the Quality Matter rubric

Faculty who have completed previous institutes will have an opportunity to learn some advanced tools and skills. They will also be invited to share their experiences in designing and teaching online/hybrid courses with the first time attendees.

CSUB participants will be eligible to receive a $600 stipend.

2016 Summer Institute for Online Teaching Week 1 Agenda

Revised: June 14, 2016, 4:38 p.m.

Faculty Testimonials

"The Summer Institute for Online Teaching provides an excellent opportunity for faculty to increase their capabilities in this important area.  I found it very helpful and not at all threatening - a concern I had going into it."

David Olson, PH.D.
Professor of Management
School of Business & Public Administration

"As a new faculty member at CSUB, I not only learned how to effectively organize an online course, I also learned how to organize a course, period. Even though I don't teach any online-only courses, and I only teach one hybrid course, I have been able to use much of what I learned in all my courses. Examples include: How to organize material in Blackboard, ideas for using technology in the classroom, and how to add interactivity outside of the classroom through various online tools. I also enjoyed getting to know fellow faculty members and seeing how they use technology in their courses."

Jennifer Burger, M.J.
Lecturer & Advisor for "The Runner"
The Department of Communications

"The summer institute helped me transform my course. I went from using Blackboard as simply a means to deliver and collect my assignments to making the course more engaging and interactive with the help of the summer institute."

Sandra Bozarth
FYE & Instructional Technology Librarian
Circulation Coordinator
Walter W. Stiern Library

"....Even though my class is not face-to-face, I received complimentary feedback from the QM facilitators on how to design my courses on Blackboard and how to make things clearer on Blackboard for my students. The QM workshop really opened my eyes and improved my teaching and I really appreciated the training. Thanks again for helping me become a better professor to my students! ..."

Tamekia Bell, Ph.D., NCC
Assistant Professor, Educational Counseling
Department of Advanced Educational Studies