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You seem to be an excellent candidate for hybrid or online learning. This assessment is subjective, though, and carries no guarantees. Remember that hybrid or online courses require as much or more effort as “traditional” courses do.

You’re a good candidate for hybrid or online learning – but to improve your learning experience, you’ll want to think about how you can change the areas where you chose No. Remember that hybrid or online courses require as much or more effort as “traditional” courses do.

Hybrid or online learning may require extra effort on your part for a successful learning experience.

Your technical preparedness, learning style and skills may not be fully compatible with hybrid or online learning; you’ll need to expend some extra effort on your part to make this a successful experience.

Online Student Readiness Quiz

  1. I have regular access to a reliable computer with a high-speed Internet connection and will use it to complete my online courses.

  2. I have access to non-wireless/hardwired Internet connection for test taking.

  3. I am good at setting goals and deadlines for myself and can keep myself on track and on time.

  4. I am willing and able to read and comprehend important class materials on my own.

  5. I like to learn in a group, but I can learn on my own as well.

  6. I am willing to send e-mail messages and have discussions with classmates and instructors that may include asking questions when I need assistance.

  7. I believe I can successfully learn without live, face-to-face instruction.

  8. I feel comfortable using the computer for a variety of purposes including downloading files, installing software and changing configuration settings on my computer.

  9. I have virus protection software running on the computer that I will use for my online courses.

  10. I am able and willing to update my computer to meet the technical requirements of Blackboard.