Faculty Professional Development Grant


The Faculty Professional Development Grant is designed to help CSUB faculty achieve their professional goals. Normally, grants of up to $500.00 will be awarded to support professional activities related to teaching and learning, research and creative activities, and/or community or disciplinary service.

All Awards may be used as a sole source of funding or to supplement other resources (e.g., regular travel or research allowances or other funding).

Travel Awards may be used to fund (or help to fund) any reasonable travel request to support faculty development.

Proposal Requests for Funding

Support for expenses normally covered by departments or schools and requests for faculty stipends or release time will not be funded. However, budget requests may include: These awards are contingent upon participation at a conference where the faculty member will make a significant contribution (e.g., present a paper, serve as discussant or chair of a panel). Alternatively, these awards may support faculty research where travel is required (e.g., historical archives, interviews or surveys of a person or population). Travel Authorization Form must be completed and approved prior to travel. Expenses will be reimbursed after the trip upon the submission of receipts.

As with all Faculty TLC Grants, future funding will depend in part on the timely participation in Faculty TLC activities (discussion forums, workshops or mentoring partnerships) and submission of a written report (final grant report) of the faculty member's activities.


All lecturers, tenure-track and tenure faculty may submit proposals for Faculty Professional Development Grants. For a proposal to be considered, all applicants must have submitted their FINAL GRANT REPORTS for all previous awards.

Criteria for proposal review:

  • Anticipated positive impact on career path (most important).
  • Beneficial opportunities for student mentoring.
  • Other funding has been sought and obtained, if available.
  • If funds are limited, priority will be given to those who have not received recent TLC Professional Development grants.
  • Benefits will be shared with faculty colleagues.

Grant Application

Call the Faculty TLC (ext. 2084) if you need additional information.