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Lab Assignment : Shoot Movies and Edit and using a Macintosh 
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A GS104a Instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed.  Check instructors office hours.
Review of terms from GS104a assignments and some new terms.  Many you know and have in your dictionary.  The terms with an "*" you will be expected to be able to define and give examples without accessing other sources.  Check with a GS104 instructor or the class assistant if you need help with these terms.  In addition to the class and text documentation you can also check this Glossary,  FAQ or Google for help with definitions and problems you may not find.

New Terms
(1)  Assignment: Choose one movie topic from the topics by your group members, complete the preperations and planning for the movie,  shoot the movie, edit the movie. Each group choose one person as the movie director and that person will check out and be responsible for a camera.

Continuing our steps in making our movie
 6.  (In class) Each group looks at the story board Power Points by their group members (these should all be on their web site) then choose one for their groups movie.  Each group must have a movie topic by the end of class.

7.  (In class)  Make any needed changes on the Power Point for the chosen movie: topic, purpose,  filming method, storyboard, etc. topic and story board suggestions

8.  (this class assignment)  Shoot your movie. Utilize the "Second: Digital video tips" in the last assignment to shoot your movie.
Shooting your movie must be completed by next Monday and the video cameras given to either the TV office or the instructor before 9:30 Monday. The other class will be using the camera for their movie so promptness is necessary!

9.   (Next ) Perform basic editing of your movie using the Macintosh and  iMovie .  You must have (a) a title,  (b) credits [list everyone in your group and their main tasks at the end of your movie], (c) Other titles if appropriate for your movie, (d) Transitions (e) Sounds; dialog and musical background.  Your final movie should be 3 minutes or less.
NOTE: We will use the Apple Mackintosh because the best available video editing is on the Mac.  Our class groups will go to Media Services (North West corner of the library basement) to download and edit their movie on a Mac.   The assistants at Media Services are quite helpful--but please read the iMovie editing  documentation first.  Do not abuse their help. Media services will keep your movie on their computer for approximately 2 weeks as long as the saved movie time after the first rough draft edit is 10 minutes or less. 

10.  If time allows,  Preview your movie take friends to see the edited version on Media Services Macs and get suggestions before finalizing.

If time allows, Add additional sounds, music, narration  and other sounds if time allows  (you could use Garage Band or Audacity)

Save your edited movie as a quicktime movie  (the largest size that will fit on a CD) name your movie
X The section, 1 or 2, number for your GS104b class                                    
Y The number for your group [front row 1, middle row 2, back row 3]

13.   Copy your quicktime movie to a CD and turn in to the a GS104 instructor during their office/lab hours--the instructor will FTP your movie to my web site the last Friday of classes at 12:00.
  The class will see and evaluate all movies and web sites on exam day]
Edit the link on your portfolio.html  page by 1.10 Presentatio "Group movie: The movie XXXXXXX created by our groupnunder" to link to and name your "Movie"  The link address of your movie will be:

(4) Dictionary: Make sure you have the terms with an "*" defined and a good example where relevant.   Your definitions should be clear, complete and understandable to someone like your self who is not in this class. Your understanding the concept is the goal for creating definitions.  If you do not understand a concept ask fellow class members then your instructor if needed.

(5) Review new additions to Computers and Society Links.

Your web site with all links working must be completed by Friday week 10.  You can check your site and other class members web site using this spreadsheet:

Your homework, a CD with a quicktime version of your groups movie must be turned in to the class assistant or instructor the last Friday of classes before 12:00. A link must be posted on your portfolio.html page to your movie prior to the last day of class.  Classes will review all movies on the last day of class.  The movie chosen as "best" will get a 1 level increase in the grade of members [B to B+ for example].  Those not contributing to the movie efforts will loose a grade level.