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Lab Assignment: Moving your Web pages to using FTP and  creating web pages with Microsoft Word 
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A GS104a Instructor will be available in the computer lab, lower level of library, to help if needed.  Check instructors office hours.
Review of terms from GS104a assignments and some new terms.  Many you know and have in your dictionary.  The terms with an "*" you will be expected to be able to define and give examples without accessing other sources.  Check with a GS104 instructor or the class assistant if you need help with these terms.  In addition to the class and text documentation you can also check this Glossary,  FAQ or Google for help with definitions and problems you may not find.

*8.3  -  Old DOS filename format

(0)  [Optional Instructor choice-- Class Demo of Audacity]

We will review how to move our web materials to the
server .  Make sure you understand the vocabulary terms from the last lab

(1)  Assignment:

(A) Check your web site: Your web site should be structured somewhat like the following and the links should work.

Website diagram
My Web Site

(B) FTP: Application to move files between computers on the Internet

File Transfer Protocol is the method we will use in class to move our web pages and pictures from our computer/disk/flashdrive to the are many FTP  programs but we will use the one used available in the CSUB labs, WS_FTP95 LE. Documentation on how to use this program is at: File Xfer:FTP
(If you don't have WS_FTP  on your computer follow these steps.  If you have WS_FTP skip to C)

You can download the FTP program from CSUB's site.
            Copy and paste this into the URL, address for a web page
            Double Click on the PC folder
            Double Click the Win32 folder
            Double Click the FTP Client folder
            Double Click the WS_FTP LE folder
            Double Click the 5.08 folder
You can drag the ws_ftple.exe folder then double click and follow instructions--remember to check you are a student when you  install the program. 

From this you can probably see that with new browsers you can use the browser as the FTP program but we will use ws_ftple.exe.  It gives us a clearer idea of what is going on and the browser FTP doesn't seem to work in all situations.
Open WS_FTP95 LE, log on with your account name and password and transfer your welcome file and picture to the web during lab.  Do the same with your other pages and pictures as you complete your other pages.

[Class Demo and steps in class to create] Moving your  web files to the CSUB student web server.  Be sure and move all your web files to the server.  These should include the index.htm page, your resume.htm page  your portfolio.htm page and all pictures, graphic files, sound files, etc. that appear on your page.
Account names have been created on using your RunnerMail email  address up to the "@" sign as the name for your space on the web server. 
All passwords are set to one of the following:
       User ID                                 Your RunnerMail user name
       Password                             Given to you by your instructor


(a) Using WS_FTP_LE go through the steps for Windows XP in the following:


(b) After completing the steps in "a" check to make sure your web page is available from the Internet.  Start any browser and go to:
NOTE: If your web site pages work on a PC but does not work properly after moving it to the web check the following:
  • Are all your web page documents on the server?
  • Are your files named appropriately? Remember the safest format is  8.3.  This file naming format must have no caps, spaces or special characters and originally limited to an 8 character name and a 3 character extension identifying the application. NOTE: sometimes the FTP program shows all upper case for files even if the files are lower case. You can select the file then choose Rename to change a file name
  • If you changed the file names to 8.3 for the web did you remember to change the links on your web pages to these new file names?
  • (D)  Web Pages from Microsoft Word:  Open your resume created earlier in Microsoft Word.   Word is not perfect for creating web pages but for quick and simple formatting it does fine.  Remove any items you might not want on the web (phone number if yours is unlisted, address?). 
    On your resume using the link tool add a link back to your homepage. 
    Choose File/Save as Web Page... In the Save as  dialog box rename the filename as resume.html 
    Find your My CSUB  Web folder and save it in the folder.  
    Start WS_FTP LE,
    click once on using the Rename button change the name of your resume.htm you just created to resume.html and
    transfer to the WWW folder on the server.  The new resume.html will replace the old resume.html.  Open any browser and check your web site and resume.

    We will continue making changes and adding to your web sites for the rest of the quarter.  In all cases you will do this as you did with the resume above

    (E) Complete your homepage index.htmI as per instructions "Task 3 Homework"  on the previous assignment

    Dictionary: Make sure you have the terms with an "*" defined and a good example where relevant.  You have defined most of  these terms previously in your dictionary.    Improve on previously defined terms if possible and define new terms in your own words (not just copy and pasted from another source).  Your definitions should be clear, complete and understandable to someone like your self who is not in this class. Your understanding the concept is the goal for creating definitions.  If you do not understand a concept ask fellow class members then your instructor if needed.

    (3) Review new additions to Computers and Society Links.

    Your assignment in red above,  must be posted on the web server before the beginning of  the next class.